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Denver Videographer

By Chris Bohlender

CrossBow Films and the Navy.

Recently I was contracted to shoot a project for a Navy summer camp by another Denver video company run by Troy Horn.  The camp included a group of Navy kids that flew in from literally all over the world to attend the weeklong acting camp.

Denver Videographer

CrossBow Films was brought in from Denver to be the videographer and DP for the shoot.

 I stayed at a rustic bed and breakfast just up the road from the camp.  The breakfast was a nice perk!


I was contracted to bring my camera and toys to shoot a 13-page script that featured the campers as actors.

I had a blast working with the kids.  Pictured above is Daniel, he flew in from Japan to attend the camp and was more interested in becoming a filmmaker then an actor.  So Daniel helped us out a few times as a cameraman and I think he especially enjoyed using the shoulder rig.  He told me he felt like a professional videographer the second he put the rig on.  Although in this shot, the camera is not actually on the rig….

We used several toys on this shoot including my doorway dolly, shoulder rig, and micro slider.  The tight shooting schedule meant we really had to rush the set ups in order to accommodate the script and the un proven actors.

The Navy kids were every excited to play with some of the toys I brought.  The doorway dolly was a big hit and they filled in as a dolly grip on several scenes.


The script was very ambitious for the allotted time. But we raced through the week and we were able to finish and head back to Denver a little early.

I will also be the editor on the project and will do doing the post production work in Denver. I will resurface once I have a rough draft done. I expect that my friend Red Bull and I will reunite in a glorious reunion and together, deify sleep, sun, fresh air, and human companionship to finish the edit by the dead line.

CrossBow Films is a Denver Videographer and a proud Colorado Native.

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Denver Videographer