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5DtoRGB settings for Panasonic GH2

5DtoRGB Settings For Panasonic GH2

By Chris Bohender,

CrossBow Films is a Denver Based Video Production company.

So after getting my brand new Panasonic GH2 I started doing research into the best workflow. I edit on FCP7 and FCPX but I prefer to use FCP7. So that means I need my GH2 footage in Prorez. So 5DtoRGB was the best answer. (

“Version 1.5.2 (Mac OS X) introduces audio output for .MTS files. This is good news for Panasonic GH2 users, since previous versions of 5DtoRGB only supported video output with this camera.”

I paid the $50 to get the batch version. This allows to batch convert all my footage. But you can get the free version and convert clip by clip. I’m just lazy…


I have tested out the program pretty extensively and find the conversion process to produce the best looking Prorez footage . This is NOT the fastest; it’s simply the best looking footage you can get through the conversion process.
But what setting do you use for the 5DtoRGB program? Here is what I have figured out.

Here are the settings I use for Prorez 422.



The main thing you need to notice here is that the decoding matrix of 5DtoRGB is set at ITU-R BT.709. This is the setting you will want to run all your GH2 footage at. If you are using a Canon then you would want to use ITU_R BT.601. But why would you ever use a Canon over a GH2 right?

Here are the settings I found to work best and play nicely with FCP7.

Decoding Matrix set to (ITU-R BT.709)



Luminance Range is set at (Full Range).



Chroma mode set at (Default).



Post processing set to (None).



This seems to be the best setting. Although the Technicolor Cinestyle seems like a good idea. Its not.
Gamma Correction to (1.0)



Some people like to bake in the gamma correction for the flat look. Which will help for color correction but I find that I don’t always have to correct every shot. At least not for what I do.

So those are the settings I use and work pretty good for me. Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree with these settings.

CrossBow Films is a Denver Video Production Company and a proud Colorado Native.


By Chris Bohender,

5DtoRGB Settings For Panasonic GH2