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CrossBow Films Demo Reel 2013

Its been a busy year! Here is a look back at what we have been working on.

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Wrestling with Life

Wrestling With Life CrossBow Films is proud to present our newest work in progress.  This is the new, just released trailer for Wrestling with Life the documentary. When one life ends, another is given new purpose and inspires a generation. This will be a movie about life and death. The struggles of fulfilling a dying wish and the pressures that come along with it. To learn more please follow us on Facebook! Wrestling With Life

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Jeremy + Carah

Jeremy and Carah had a beautiful wedding up in Carbondale Colorado.  I was lucky enough to be able to tell their story.   For more information about wedding cinematography feel free to email

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Operation Walk Panama 2012

A few months ago I took at trip down to Panam to film a documentary   The project screened to a enthusiastic crowd at the Walk of Dreams Gala and now its finally out online.   Check out the blog post I did on the trip here.

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Fit and Fearless

A few weeks ago I spent the day with Fit and Fearless.  Its a program that not only aims to get you in shape but also helps you over come some fears.  I spent the day chasing around the team and documenting the day.  Here is the result.  I had a fantastic time working with Scott Colby on this project. Fitness Videographer

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CrossBow Films is a full service Denver video production company. With our combined experience we have been seen on NBC Sports, Versus, and The Sportmens Channel to name a few. We have also worked on big budget projects as well as no budget projects.

One of our biggest assets is our ability to listen to the client and develop a plan that matches the clients vision. Our ability to connect with people and produce great content is what sets us apart. We believe in what we do and strive to make a difference. Let us tell your story the way you see it. We are not videographers we are storytellers.

Here are some of the things we specialize in.
HD Video Production and Editing, Corporate Videos, Event Coverage, Slideshows, Weddings, Commercials, Green Screen shoots, Residential shoots, Logo Animations, Music Videos, 3D Character Modeling, Documentaries, and College Sports.

CrossBow Films is a Denver video production company and also a proud Colorado native.


Recent Blogs/Videos

  • Zombie Apocalypse or Disaster Scenario?

    Zombie Apocalypse or Disaster Scenario?

    CrossBow Films By Chris Bohlender In a disaster, information is as important as food, water, and shelter. Recently I made a journey to a military base in Indiana. The purpose was to provide realistic media coverage of the disaster scenario being played out there. I was contracted through a company called Nusura. Our goal was to mimic the media as realistically as possible. Nusura developed an online platform that imitates real world information outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Radio, and more »

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  • 48 Hour Film Festival Entry

    48 Hour Film Festival Entry

    Denver Videographers By Chris Bohlender (Update) We are happy to report that our film made it into the finals.  Out of 57 teams our film was chosen as one of the 12 films to screen in the “Best of” category.  Last night all the teams that made it into the finals met for one last screening.  The films were simply amazing.  I was just happy to have had our film included in that category.  After all the screening was done they gave more »

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  • CrossBow Films Denver Videographer

    CrossBow Films Denver Videographer

    Denver Videographer By Chris Bohlender CrossBow Films and the Navy. Recently I was contracted to shoot a project for a Navy summer camp by another Denver video company run by Troy Horn.  The camp included a group of Navy kids that flew in from literally all over the world to attend the weeklong acting camp. CrossBow Films was brought in from Denver to be the videographer and DP for the shoot.  I stayed at a rustic bed and breakfast just more »

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  • HufflePuff Music Video!

    HufflePuff Music Video!

    Denver Cameraman By Chris Bohender, HufflePuff Music video! So the very talented Erik Tande from Dynamic Cinematography struck again!  Erik owns hisown Denver video production company that can be found at the link above. Erick is a Denver cameraman himself and a talented motion graphic designer. I have worked with Erik on several other projects including the Tim Thomas iphone commercial.  Erik has been working with Dana Ritterbusch and Ginny DiGuiseppi from Not Literally  to produce, shoot, and edit this music video production monster. If more »

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  • That Darn Green Screen

    That Darn Green Screen

    Denver Video Services By Chris Bohender, I have always had a love/hate relationship with the green screen. They can either be awesome or terrible. When working for another Denver video production company I once saw a videographer crew carefully set up and light a green screen.  The shot was for national TV so they wanted to make sure the shot looked good.  After they shot it and edited, they ended up choosing a brick background to put in behind the talent.  The more »

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  • I Hope You Dance

    I Hope You Dance

    Video Production Denver By Chris Bohender, Recently I had the pleasure of working with Shelby Soto and her daughter Kaylee on a very cool mothers day video.  Shelby is a website and graphic designer and you can see her amazing work here.   Shelby had the idea of shooting a video to give to her mother for mother’s day.  So we spent a few afternoons and evenings shooting the video below.  I used my whole arsenal of toys more »

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  • Tim Tomas and G-Form

    Tim Tomas and G-Form

    Denver Cameraman By Chris Bohender, So last week I collaborated with the talented Erik Tande on a iPhone case commercial for G-Form. Eriks company is definitely one of the best video companies in Denver. Erik is also a Denver Cameraman so  we work together often. Erik was contracted to shoot and I was there to run a second camera.   Erik spent most of the weekend, Im assuming, editing this thing to perfection. G-Form was the company that dropped the iPad case from space.  See that more »

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  • Crossbow and Crocs

    Crossbow and Crocs

    Crossbow Films By Chris Bohender, On my recent trip to Panama shooting for Operation Walk. I had the pleasure of shooting a little footage for Crocs. The shoe company has an arm of its company that its sole purpose is to provide shoes to those in need in impoverished areas. Crocs Cares came along to Panama. The face of Crocs Cares is Melissa Koester. She has the awesome job of giving away shoes to people in need. She came more »

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  • CrossBow Films Goes to Panama

    CrossBow Films Goes to Panama

    CrossBow Films By Chris Bohender, Here is the Documentary. The Behind the scenes blog post is below. Operation Walk Panama 2012 from Chris Bohlender on Vimeo.     Disclaimer:  Sepllnig is a ueless sikll. If you can raed tihs tehn I blieve I hvae prveon my pnoit.  I will not be using proper use of grammar or spelling.  Lets just for now say this was on purpose. Crossbow Films is a Denver Based Video Production Company.   Sometimes I more »

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  • 5DtoRGB settings for Panasonic GH2

    5DtoRGB settings for Panasonic GH2

    5DtoRGB Settings For Panasonic GH2 By Chris Bohender, CrossBow Films is a Denver Based Video Production company. So after getting my brand new Panasonic GH2 I started doing research into the best workflow. I edit on FCP7 and FCPX but I prefer to use FCP7. So that means I need my GH2 footage in Prorez. So 5DtoRGB was the best answer. ( “Version 1.5.2 (Mac OS X) introduces audio output for .MTS files. This is good news for Panasonic more »

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